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Known Capacity Model

The Known Capacity Model means we are working smarter. We know where carriers are putting their trucks, so we go find the freight to fit their needs and bring our customers trucks that are ready to roll.


We couldn’t do what we do without them, so we work to help out carriers as much as we can to try and return the favor. We spend time getting to know their operations so we can provide better service to both customers and carriers.

Carrier Alignment Program

Our Carrier Alignment Program (CAP) helps us match up the right carrier to the right customer. We utilize our customer freight network in order to keep core carriers loaded and moving all week long.


This means we bring our customers trucks – real trucks – from carriers that we talk to on a daily basis. We can tell you where carriers have available equipment, what lanes they run, and how often. We replace the guesswork with real-time information.

Freight Management

We are a total transportation solution. Since we’ve been in business for over 25 years, we have the experience and confidence to move from just booking your loads to becoming your complete freight manager.


We take care of it all – from the initial load information, to the GPS tracking, all the way to delivery. We solve problems, make appointments, talk with installers, and figure out the most efficient way to get all of your freight where it needs to go.

Oh, by the way…

We also do all of the other stuff that you want in a freight broker/3PL: full truck load, dry van and refrigerated, worry-free LTL, intermodal rail, regional dedicated capacity, GPS tracking, technology consulting, trade shows, and 24-hour availability.


But our definition of a freight broker means that those services are just the beginning. What we offer goes far above and beyond a typical freight broker. We get to know your company so that we can help provide real solutions, sometimes before you even know there is a problem.

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