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Justin Just Became One And what is that exactly? A Certified Transportation Broker - A.K.A. a CTB. Justin is our newest employee to take the home-study course, pass the exam, and become certified. Congrats, Justin! We think this is pretty big deal around here, but many of our customers aren't quite sure what CTB means and what value it offers to them (no, I am not a CTB salesperson). So here it is in a nutshell. The Certified Transportation Broker designation is earned through a series of extensive tests administered by the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA). The program begins with a home-study course that teaches subjects such as basic business principles, the history of brokerage, brokerage operations and practices, legal cases, and regulation in the transportation industry. Once the student completes the home study course (complete with readings, slides, and quizzes), he/she takes the online exam. The exam is broken into three sections, and the student must pass all three in order to become certified. You have three chances to take the exam and pass all the sections. According to the TIA, the CTB program was developed by the Transportation Intermediaries Association to "increase the professionalism and integrity of property brokerage, meet the educational needs of brokers, and expand basic knowledge of the brokerage and transportation industry through a rigorous certification program." Brokers who take the CTB exam gain a better understanding of the history and regulations surrounding the transportation industry, as well as current day practices and ethics. We currently have 20 CTBs on staff here in our office (out of 33 employees), and we have two more getting ready for the next exam. For more information about eligibility and taking the CTB course, check out the TIA CTB website. Have a topic or suggestion for a blog post you'd like to see? Let us know! Email us -