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National Fishing and Boating Week 2016 June 4-12 is National Fishing and Boating Week, sponsored by the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation. Throughout the month, many states offer "free fishing days" when anyone is allowed to fish on public bodies of water without purchasing a fishing license, salmon stamps, or inland trout stamps  (6/17/16-6/20/16 for Illinois). Find free fishing days in other states here: Free Fishing Days 2016. Recreational fishing presents a chance to escape from the daily grind and spend time with family or friends on or near the water. It also provides an opportunity to bond with children while helping them develop an appreciation for waterways and wildlife. Fishing offers a number of health benefits as well (infographic courtesy of Bass Pro Shops) So get out there and take advantage of some of the beautiful waterways near you. Not sure where to go? The Recreational Fishing & Boating Foundation offers a way for to you find great spots and can be even be narrowed down by species of fish: Learn anything you've ever wanted to know about fishing: Have a topic or suggestion for a blog post you'd like to see? Let us know! Email us -  ...
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May 25th is National Missing Children's Day And this year marks the 3rd annual awareness campaign 'Ribbons & Headlights' that runs throughout the month of May. The Truckers Missing Child Project created this annual campaign to raise awareness of the continuous fight against human trafficking and missing children, specifically in the transportation industry. The goal is to “bring awareness to missing children as well as to show America that we as truck drivers and the motoring public do care about the cause.” During the month of May, and especially on May 25th, participating carriers and drivers drive with their headlights on and decorate their truck with yellow ribbons, representing missing children, and blue ribbons, representing those children who have died. Motorists are also invited to participate in the campaign. Dugal Trimble started the Truckers Missing Child Project as a way to spread notices about missing children across the nation, using Facebook as a major platform for sharing the word with other truckers and groups. Trimble shares alerts from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in order to keep growing human trafficking awareness in the trucking community. To join in the campaign and help spread the word, like the Truckers Missing Child Project Facebook page. Have a topic or suggestion for a blog post you'd like to see? Let us know! Email us -

The 46th Year for Earth Day Friday, April 22nd marks the 46th year of a movement that has significantly made an impact on our modern world. Started by John McConnell in 1970, and always falling on April 22nd, Earth Day has led to planting trees, cleaning up neighborhoods, rallying for more environmental laws, and pushing for better fossil fuel alternatives. Cities around the U.S. celebrate Earth Day with community cleanups, festivals, and family fun days.  Forbes Magazine also mentions another way in which Earth Day is making a world-wide impact this year. The U.S. and China will be signing the Paris climate agreement tomorrow, which will be the first push toward attempting to keep global temperatures from rising above 2°C compared to pre-industrial temperatures. Forbes also mentions that in addition, "in a lead up to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020, the Earth Day Network has pledged to plant 7.8 billion trees worldwide to account for every single person living on Earth." So get outside tomorrow! We at AM Transport begin our annual care-taking of three flowers beds our company adopted in front of the city pool. A group of employees has volunteered to do the initial cleanup tomorrow by removing weeds and old mulch, laying new mulch, and making a plan for new plants and flowers. We maintain the beds throughout the spring, summer, and fall. For more about Earth Day, campaigns, and ways you can get involved, visit Have a topic or suggestion for a blog post you'd like to see? Let us know! Email us -

Trucker Josh and Diesel "Manitoba truck driver Josh Giesbrecht shares his life on the road with 50,000 YouTube subscribers who watch as he motors through North America. He offers a windshield view of where he travels, how he parks, pumps fuel, performs quick repairs, waits at loading docks, and enjoys the scenery." (FleetOwner) When Trucker Josh hops in his truck, he is not only taking a load to a customer, but he is also bringing his subscribers (and his dog Diesel) on the journey with him. He started daily video logs (v-logs) in 2011 as a way to show his friends and family what he does, but because of his funny, and consistent delivery, he now has a huge following from people of many different backgrounds - both trucking and non. Josh's posts follow him as he trucks all across Canada, through all kinds of weather and through many situations. Sometimes the videos are Josh's thoughts (e.g. truck stops need gyms), while others are about his "home" (which is a Peterbilt truck) or his dog companion. In his interview with Fleet Owner, Josh says that he had no idea he would have this kind of following and that his intention was not to become an industry thought leader: "I'd rather send people to them to learn tips and tricks of the trade. I'd rather entertain people and just show them my life. I'm a truck driver, and this is what I do every day, give them entertainment, make them laugh." Be sure to catch up on old episodes and subscribe to new ones on Josh's YouTube channel. Have a topic or suggestion for a blog post you'd like to see? Let us know! Email us -